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Receptive age of acquisition of German and Spanish adjectives

adj_poster Agnes Groba & Annick De Houwer, May 2011

Project status: questionnaire completed (May 2011), screening tool: currently being developed (June 2011)

As part of her dissertation project, ERBIS member Agnes Groba administered a questionnaire with native German-speaking and native-Spanish speaking adults, asking them to rate the receptive age of acquisition for 258 German and 161 Spanish adjectives, respectively. The results are currently being used to develop a German-Spanish bilingual adjective-comprehension screening tool for children aged 3 and 5.

For more details about the German questionnaire and the full results, click here: German adjectives.

For more details about the Spanish questionnaire and the full results, click here: Spanish adjectives.

A poster with more information on the findings was presented at the GISKID conference in Leipzig (May 2011). You can click on the image to download the poster.

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